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Healthcare Workers at
Stanton Territorial Hospital

This is NOT unique to Stanton.

Healthcare workers all over the NWT are overworked, tired, stressed, and worried.  

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What Workers Are Saying

To Testimonials

Why are we working so hard for a system that doesn’t care about us?

- Child & Family


We have management making decisions who have no experience of working in this ICU and are making it unsafe for RNs and patients.

- Stanton Territorial Hospital

We’re not there for appreciation, but nobody is helping us hold it together.

- Child & Family


Management made a decision that due to a staffing shortage in ICU, that the ICU would decrease the number of patients they would be able to admit.


This means that the patients needing emergency care are waiting longer because the ER beds are being used by ICU patients.

- Stanton Territorial Hospital

The problems boil down to being severely understaffed, workers burning out quickly

and extremely, and unsafe working conditions with no resources to make

it safer.

- Child & Family


We love our community. We love the families and the kids.

- Child & Family


I voiced concerns that if things didn’t change staff  would leave.

The response I got was

“if anyone doesn’t like it they can leave.”

This is why staffing is so bad and why healthcare in the north is at risk.


- Stanton Territorial Hospital

I am sick and in long term due to shortages of staff, work too much overtime, no vacations, no time off for, no training , over 4 years.

- Stanton Territorial Hospital



If you think it is a good idea to have a meeting in your Local to discuss WORRIED BUT WORKING
in your workplace, and there is nothing yet scheduled, contact your Local President!

and Information


February 5, 2020 Tabled Document: GNWT Response to Question 10-19(1) Child and Family Services


February 11, 2020 Technical Briefing: Stanton Territorial Hospital Project

July 12, 2019   Letter from UNW President to Stanton CEO re: working conditions concerns

July 17, 2019   Labour Views column in Yellowknifer - "A cry for help"

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