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Our Common Cause – Healthy workplaces for health care workers

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Healthcare Workers at
Stanton Territorial Hospital

This is NOT unique to Stanton.

Healthcare workers all over the NWT are overworked, tired, stressed, and worried.  


What are you worried about?

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What People Are Saying



As a Nurse I have brought concerns forward to my manager and the Director of Nursing. I voiced concerns that if things didn’t change staff

would leave.

The response I got was

“if anyone doesn’t like it they can leave.”


Why is this okay? Nurses are leaving. This is why staffing is so bad and why healthcare in the north is at risk.




Is this a case of a burnt out health care worker - overworked, understaffed, underappreciated?


The recommendations point toward the need for adequate staffing, adequate resources and training.


And what about the effects of these shortages on the mental health of health care workers?


We will likely see increased alcohol and drug usage among health care workers and suicides. Its scary!!!



I am sick and in long term due to shortages of staff, work too much overtime, no vacations, no time off for, no training , over 4 years.


Then I became sick and new managers didn’t believe it and put barriers for me to train and advance in my career.


They Isolated me. They stressed me to the max and ended up in harassing me and demotion.



The New ICU had 6 beds. To maintain staff and Patient safety,  beds decreased to 4  

as long as we maintained 3 RNs.


Recently, upper management decided to eliminate the 3rd RN and decrease the ICU beds to 2 Patients

and 2 RNs.

However, it's now unsafe as the charge RN is responsible for monitoring Patients on other floors on all while having their own patient assignment and  being unable to be at the nursing desk at all times.

. . .

We have management making decisions who have no experience of working in this ICU and are making it unsafe for RNs and patients.


Breaks are still not occurring because of a shortage of staff and again, no one is following the proposed break schedule... Eliminating the 3rd RN insures no RN gets a break in the ICU.



Management made a decision that due to a staffing shortage in ICU, that the ICU would decrease the number of patients they would be able to admit.


Patients that need ICU care, but are unable to be admitted to the ICU (due to their reduced bed capacity) are being

held in the ER, at times

for days.


The ER nurses are expected to provide 1 to 1 care for the ICU patients as well as provide care for all the ER patients.


This means that the patients needing emergency care are waiting longer because the ER beds are being used by ICU patients.


This all occurred without telling ER staff about the change till 6 days later. This is not good or safe patient and family centered care!


If you think it is a good idea to have a meeting in your Local to discuss WORRIED BUT WORKING
in your workplace, and there is nothing yet scheduled, contact your Local President!

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